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Remember “Jedward”, the Irish twins of dubious talent. It’s not their finest hour though, that would be this little gem, featuring the first (and probably last) occurrence of heavily implied gay twincest on primetime ITV.

The above single entered the charts at number 2 yesterday, failing to beat some song which has been at number 1 for two weeks. This probably doesn’t bode well for their future red-hot pop career, and suggests that the public was far more endeared to them as a novelty act on a talent show than as “artists”.

It’s a shame, as even if they themselves are ridiculous, the public reaction to them has been brilliant. People have been leaping onto their high horses as if pop music is some sacred temple with a definite minimum talent threshold. Before now, no-one with very little musical worth has ever stumbled into a pop career through luck. No.

So yeah, if this is the last we hear of the boys, it’ll be a shame, because at least they’re fun. Even if, yes, the actual music isn’t very good. Even “irony” couldn’t persuade me to buy it.


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