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After a weekend and a few days of solid work editing my novel, I today uploaded it to Lulu to create a print copy of the second draft. This is only for further proof-reading by others and/or me. I also added in the first draft of my “other” novel because, hell, I may as well work on something else while other people pick through the first one. Pleasingly, this second attempt is much shorter.

Even though I’m only doing this for my own benefit and do plan on trying to get them published normally, I still feel vain and self-indulgent just for using a self-publishing site. I’m so simple.

Oh, I also ordered a copy of Shivering Sands by Warren Ellis because I was already paying Lulu’s shipping charges for a few books, so I figured I might as well. Plus I’d just printed about 1700 pages of stuff by me and that’s got to count as cruelty to trees. This must offset it somehow.


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