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Man Vs Camera: Belated Introduction

So, I’ve started posting pictures under the heading “Man Vs Camera”. You can see all of the pictures to date by clicking on the relevant tag on the blog. (As long as I remember to tag them.)

Why? Well, I haven’t done much photographing for a while and I used to quite enjoy it. Funny story: I did a photography course at college, but the eccentric tutor disappeared the week before she was due to mark our portfolios. So I will never know if I was really any good.

But I suspect I’m not any good. So I present these pictures with very little arrogance about their quality. Oh, and they’re taken on a phone camera for the most part, so they don’t have much quality in terms of megapixels either.

Ah well. I’ll try and do one a day, but imagine that won’t always happen. Think of it as a small, quite rubbish, photojournal. If you like.


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