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London Blags Mobiles - A Brief LBM Match Report

As mentioned in my awe-inspiring first post, I popped along to London Bloggers Meetup (“LBM”, or “#LBM”) last night. I could produce a whole write-up, but that would be boring. Here are five bullet points instead.

  • There was a raffle to win an iPhone, supplied by Vodafone. There was a lot of emphasis on this aspect in the tweets beforehand. I did not win, which is good as surely that would have been a betrayal of my beloved HTC Magic Android phone?

  • James Holland from ElectricPig told us things about liveblogging, based on his experience covering something relating to technology. I came away intrigued, and trying to think of something I can liveblog. Fans of my #tfts tag on Twitter will be sad to hear that I will not be liveblogging my own visits to the lavatory.

  • Blogger Bingo! Spotted and/or spoken to: various Domestic Sluts, afore-mentioned James from ElectricPig, Melinda Seckington of Miss Geeky, Ant Carroll of Fresh Plastic and a Luke Westaway of Electric Spectre. (Am assuming no relation to the Pig.) Plus some nice chaps from Vodafone.

  • Weather may have harmed attendance, as London was power-bombed with snow. But frankly… I’m not sure many more people could have fitted in that room anyway. It also meant I left relatively early, due to increasing nerves over my ability to get back to my bed in lovely suburban Kent.

  • Nice evening anyway, for the couple of hours I was there. Kudos to Andy Bargery for organising, and Vodafone for the free beer. And they also provide the HTC Magic I mentioned earlier at a very reasonable price, so I genuinely love them. It’s not just because of the beer.


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