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Editing Mid-Way Intermission Thing

It’s Sunday morning, I’ve been up for about 40 mins, and I’m starting to feel I should get back to editing my novel type thing. I also spent the entire of yesterday doing that, and edited nearly half of the remaining hundred pages. I somewhat suspect the law of mounting tiredness/restlessness might hit me today, and I won’t get anywhere near as much done.

Certainly, the fact I’ve chosen to blog about this fact instead of actually working doesn’t bode well. Also, I would quite like today’s Man Vs Camera update to be something other than the inside of my house, and for that I will need to go somewhere. Hmm.

Anyway, I’ll feel a lot better about that if I’ve actually gotten some work done, so I’d best get on with it I suppose. This weekend’s productivity has been enhanced by watching episodes of The Guild whenever I feel like a break. (They’re only a few minutes long, so it’s not as lazy as it sounds.) It’s very funny, although fairly geeky I suppose.


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